Baja California: Where the Wild Things Grow


We all have this innate need for freedom, escape, and possibly a hint of risk. We satisfy this need through adventure, through exploring sites that leave you speechless even as they make you into a storyteller. Baja California is the adventure you’ve been waiting for, right around the corner. Take a trip with Baja Adventures to Baja California and take a trip into the wild.



Jimi Hendrix immortalized Mexico as “Way down where I can be free,” “where “Ain’t no one gonna find me.” James Taylor understood that in Mexico you could “lose your load, leave your mind behind” while The Eagles’ never wanted to leave lovely Hotel California. While Jimi might have been singing about a guy on the run from the law and James might have talking about his late night Senorita-filled fantasies, the feeling is there: down south in Baja California you can escape into a world fantasies are made of. Heralded as a new Galápagos and described by Jacques Cousteau as “the world’s aquarium,” Baja California has worlds of life to explore. Visit Baja California and discover the allure of the peninsula that drew Spanish conquistadors, pirates, and missionaries despite its remote shores.  

Baja California is a land of contrasts. A land of sun and silhouettes. A land of stillness and silence, resonance and vitality. It’s a fierce land that has been called sullen and hostile with its arid deserts barbed with cactus and rattlesnakes. But the surrounding aquamarine waters whirl with life, smell of verbena, and reflect the deep green mangroves bordering the coast. Baja California and Baja California Sur are part of an isolated peninsula that resembles a gnarled finger reaching down into the Sea of Cortez. On one side of its shores, you can see the Pacific Ocean roil and heave, and on the other side the Gulf of California’s glassy waters reflect a placid temper. High cliffs cleaved by centuries of wind and water rise dramatically above the water. Drooping cirios trees and brightly bloomed ocotillo grow in exposed layers of volcanic strata. Baha California at times appears like a mirage with its collage of colors, and it’s easy to be spellbound by a world so close to home yet which seems like a world of its own.

Of course, many people visit Baja California to see what lies just off its shores rather than what lies within its mountains. Baja California is the site of one of the world’s greatest gray whale migrations, and it is unique in that the gray whales here are known for their “friendly” behavior to human visitors. These immense creatures are curious and playful. They are known to take their newly born calves to greet humans in their pangas, and they occasionally tip the calves up to get petted. Interacting with these mysterious and enigmatic creatures is an incredibly unforgettable experience. In Baja California, you can find where the wild things grow, where the wild things go, and know that life really lies off the roads less traveled.