If you hope to travel with your personal cell phone in Baja California, it's possible (and relatively inexpensive) to active a plan for Mexico with most major U.S. carriers--though reception may vary. Contact your carrier to inquire about rates, what a Mexican plan entails, and how to dial numbers. 

Travelers also have the option of purchasing a Mexican pay-as-you-go cell phone--though this is a better option if you believe you will be making numerous calls to other Mexican numbers. 

If you have an unlocked, compatible international cell phone, you can also use a pre-paid SIM card. In Baja California, two options include Telestial and Cellular Abroad. 

That being said, remote areas of Baja do not often get cell reception. Though our guides always carry satellite phones for emergencies, exploring the wild and scenic reaches of Baja presents a great opportunity to immerse yourself in nature, unplug, and go truly "wireless."



Internet is widely available in Baja California, and travelers can often find free wi-fi at hotels, restaurants and cafes. However, internet access is difficult to find in remote areas of Baja California.