Northern Baja California has a dry climate known for its winter rain and cool nights as well as its summer dry heat.  

Baja California's eastern coast, bording the Sea of Cortez, offers much warmer waters than its Pacific coast compatriote during both the winter and summer. During the winter, the Sea of Cortez offers balmy averages of 71°F and summer temperatures of 82°F.

Baja California's western, Pacific, coast offers cooler temperatures in the winter and warm temperatures in the summer, though often the temperature is about 10°F (5°C) than its Sea of Cortez coast. Similarly, the winter waters in the Pacific are only tempting to the sea lions. 



Feburary is the peak time to visit for grey whale watchers as February is one of the grey whale's prime times to visit Magdalena Bay and San Ignacio Lagoon. 

Those hoping to see whale sharks, October-March offers the best opportunities. 

The end of October-Early December, as well as the early spring months of March-April, offers calmer waters along the Sea of Cortez, perfect for sea kayakers. Don't worry though: other dolphin and whale species can still be spotted during these times.